The Red Sea

The Marine Parks from The Brothers to Zabargad - July 2002.

Before going out to The Marine Parks, I had 3 days in Sharm el Sheikh where I revisited The Tiran Strait and Ras Muhammed.
After that I flew to Hurgada and boarded "M/Y Miss Veena" laying at the jetty in front of Hotel Mariott. The boat is a nice 4 storeyed spaceous diveboat. We were 12 divers and 1 divemaster and we had a lot of room.
The big boat in the exact center of the Photo is "Miss Veena". After waiting 9 hours for the bureaucracy to finish our permits, we steamed off in the afternoon and arrived at The Brothers the next morning.
From there we went southward to Daedalus, Rocky Island, Zabargad near the Sudanese border, then turning north to St. John area, Fury Shoal, Dolphin Reef, Elphinstone and at last the Quseir and Safaga area.
All in all 12 days and 31 dives.

The Marine Park islands in the middle of The Red Sea are small, flat and uninhabited - some with a lighthouse on top of it. This goes for The Brothers, Rocky Island and Daedalus, whereas Zabargad is a quite large and mountainous island, yet bare, scorched and uninhabited like the others.
They are in fact oversized pinnacles rising up from the deep and thus beeing a hang-out for the big game. Whatever big game fish swimming about in The Red Sea, might be seen here.

Some big ones visiting us.

Hammerhead Shark.

Whitetip Reefshark.



Dogtooth Tuna.

Titan Triggerfish.

Bumphead Parrotfish.

Napoleon Wrasse.

Some more normal sized reef fish.

Emperor Angelfish.

Sabre Squirrelfish.

Leopard Blenny.

Blackspotted Sweetlips.

Blacktip Grouper.

Coral Grouper.

Orangestriped Triggerfish.

Picasso Triggerfish.

Common Lionfish or Turkeyfish.

Bearded Scorpionfish.

I have over the years gradually collected several species of Scorpionfishes. This time I almost stumbled over a new one inside a coral. (Can you imagine that? :o) hmm!
Well, the coral - Pocillopora verrucosa - looks like an over-ripe cauliflower, and inside it between the branches sat - totally motionless - a 3 cm long (or short) fish. It was difficult to photograph in that position, but here it is.

Yellowspotted Scorpionfish.

Snorkeling with dolphins.

Dolphin Reef is a crescent-shaped reef, the entrance of which is obstructed by ropes and buoys, in order to protect the pod of dolphins living there. No boats or SCUBA divers are allowed to enter the lagune - only snorklers. The pod that came to me, counted 15-20 individuals and several babies.

The wrecks.

The first 4 photos are from the wreck of the freighter "MS Neptune" lying off the island Zabargad close to the border of Sudan.

The next 4 are from the passenger ferry "MS Salem Express". It hit the reef south of Safaga in 1992 carrying pilgrims back from Saudi Arabia.

"MS Neptune".

"MS Neptune".

"MS Salem Express".

"MS Salem Express".

"MS Salem Express".

"MS Salem Express".

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