The Red Sea

Divecamp Wadi Lahami - November 2010.

From 21.- 28. november I was for 12. time in The Red Sea, and again with "Red Sea Diving Safari"
- and again at camp Wadi Lahami.


The Restaurant.

This time I mostly shot videoes, so here are some collections:



Caves and swimthroughs.

Big game.



Nudibranchs are seaslugs with their gills sitting naked on top of their bodies.
This one is Nembrotha megalocera and is endemic for The Red Sea. (Living only here)
The Searose is the egg cluster of some nudibranch (Spanish dancer?)


This Chromodoris quadricolor is called pyjama nudi...
...and on the right side you can witness nude nudi-love (;o)

Here is one of natures funny little details. It is the phenomenon called "mimicry".
In this case it's the tasty juvenile of "Graeffes Sea Cucumber", which as adult is m long brownish gray and ugly.
As a defence this little guy imitate the poisonous nudibranch "Phyllidia varicosa".
(NB the special page with nudibranches and flatworms).

Small items.

On the top left hand photo in the bubble-amemone you can see the allmost tranparent shrimp Periclimenes longicarpus.

On the right hand photo a Network Pipefish, closely related to the seahorses.

At last the the little only 2 cm long Whipcoral Goby. It's running up and down the centimeter-thick and meter-long Whipcoral.




Flatworms and Nudibranches.

Goodbye for now and thank you to:
Ross the boss.

=> Emergency Exit...if you are lost ;-)