The Red Sea

Liveaboard "Sea Serpent" April 2011.

From 8. to 15. of April 2011 I were for 13. time in The Red Sea, this time on the liveaboard "Sea Serpent".
The trip Randers - Aarhus - Billund - Copenhagen - Hurgada - and then 5 hours on a bus to Marsa Alam took 24 hours.
From there we steamed down to St. John's reefs lying between Ras Banas and the Sudanese border.

The shark that killed a french snorkleress in 2009 was'nt there this time, maybe it went to Sharm el Sheikh?
Well, it must wait, but we caught a glimpse of a Grey Reefshark and a Hammerhead.
But on the other hand we had a lovely visit of a pod of Spinner Dolphins, and this time I had a video camera with me.



This time I mostly took videos, so here is a selection:


Schools of different fishes.

Different singles.

Moray Eel kicking a Stonefish out from its den.



Picasso Triggerfish


The reason why I took so few stills - not beeing too blasť - but I have eventually photographed the most of it. You can see it on the other trips.

By the way my BCD broke irreparably apart, so I had to leave it and rent another - shit!

The nudibranch Phyllidia elegans




Flatworms and Nudibranchs.

Goodbye for this time!

...and let's see if I return.

=> Emergency Exit...hvis du er faret vild ;-)