Thailand March 2005

Similan Islands and Phuket.

In the Easter holydays and the week after, Anette and I spent 6 days on a liveaboard to Similan Islands in The Andaman Sea and 2 days on "Jungle Beach" on the southern tip of Phuket Island.

The Similan Islands.

These islands are made of granite, relatively high and mostly with steep shores. The most caracteristic feature in my opinion is the immense granite boulders tastefully arranged along the waterfront.

Anette on the beach.

A hole in the island.

The boulders on island nr. 5.

Donald Duck bay.

The diving.


One meter of Brownmarbled Grouper.

Clown Anemonefish (7cm).

Clarks Anemonefish (10cm).

Lined Butterflyfish (30cm).

Lionfish (30cm).

Striped Surgeonfish (35cm).

Titan Triggerfish (60cm).

Zebrashark (300cm).

Bluespot Stingray (70cm).

Bloched Morayeel (65cm).
Morayeels are some funny creatures, sometimes behaving quite oddly.

Whiteeyed Morayeel (65cm).

Giant Morayeel (250cm).

Yellowmargined Morayeel (100cm).

The Nonvertebrates.

The Banded Boxershrimp
is a fairly large cleanershrimp, this is almost natural size. Here surrounded by Hingebeak Shrimps.

The Whitebanded Cleanershrimp
is another cleanershrimp giving me a manicure.

Porcelain Crab (3cm)
- they are living around Sea Anemones.

Pharao Cuttlefish (80cm).

Crown of Thorns Seastar (40cm)

Chromodoris_annulata (3cm).

This is a Nudibranch - one of my favorite targets, and like Butterflyfishes and Anemonefishes, you can see special pages with them.



Flatworms and Nudibranchs..

Jungle Beach.

After 6 days on the water we had 2 days on a little secluded beach on the southernmost tip of Phuket Island. Cottages scattered up the hillside of the remains of a jungle. Very romantic.

Our cottage.

View from the cottage.

Anette on the beach.

We visited Phuket Orchidfarm - very impressing.

=> Emergency Exit...hvis du er faret vild ;-)